Bayshore Corridor Strategy

The Bayshore Corridor Strategy is a collaborative planning effort for the ten-mile long Grand Traverse Bay shore corridor (US-31, M-72, M-37, M-22) linking the communities of Acme, East Bay, Traverse City and Elmwood.  This process joins planning commissions together along with others to improve the entire corridor, a critical part of the region’s landscape and transportation system.

The strategy process is facilitated by Grand Traverse County and includes Acme Township, East Bay Charter Township, City of Traverse City, and Elmwood Charter Township.

Staff representatives from each community:
Acme Township:  Shawn Winter, Zoning Administrator; John Iacoangeli (Beckett & Raeder), Planner
East Bay Township:  Rick Brown, Township Planner; Leslie Couturier, Zoning Administrator
City of Traverse City:  Russ Soyring, Planning Director
Elmwood Township:  Sara Kopriva, Zoning Administrator; John Iacoangeli (Beckett & Raeder), Planner
Grand Traverse County:  John Sych, Planning Director

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Recommended Practice, Designing Walkable Urban Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach, advances the successful use of context sensitive solutions (CSS) in the planning and design of major urban thoroughfares for walkable communities. It provides guidance and demonstrates for practitioners how CSS concepts and principles may be applied in roadway improvement projects in places where community objectives support walkable communities-compact development, mixed land uses, and support for pedestrians and bicyclists, whether it already exists or is a goal for the future. The document was produced in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and in partnership with the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Documents: Notes, Resolutions, Maps, Strategies

Bayshore Corridor Strategy Map