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Do I have to report for jury duty if I received a Questionnaire?

What is a Jury Questionnaire and why did I receive one?

It is not a summons for jury duty.  You are not required to appear for jury duty at this time.  The Jury Questionnaire is one of the first steps in the juror selection process.  The Court uses the questionnaire responses to determine whether a citizen is qualified or exempt, based on the criteria set out in the Michigan Court Rules.

Do I have to respond to the Questionnaire?

You are required by law to return the completed Jury Questionnaire to the Court.  Failure to return the questionnaire will cause you to be summoned to Court.  Failure to respond to the Summons may lead to your arrest and imposition of a fine or costs.

Is the information supplied on the questionnaire really confidential?

The Court emphasizes that the information compiled from jury question questionnaire responses is CONFIDENTIAL.  It is used strictly for jury selection; and it is not disseminated to any other agencies or parties unless specifically authorized by federal or state law or by court order.

I received a Jury Questionnaire.  Does this mean I have to report for jury duty?

No, not at this time.  The Jury Questionnaire begins the screening process for prospective jurors.  After the Court reviews your questionnaire response, you may be selected for jury duty during the upcoming calendar year.  You are only required to report to Court if you receive a Summons for Jury Duty.

I received a questionnaire last year and responded that I was either not qualified or I asked to be exempt from service.  Why did I receive another questionnaire?

Prior years' questionnaire records are deleted to ensure impartiality and random selection.

I received two questionnaires.  What should I do?

Fill out the questionnaire that has the name you prefer.  Write "DUPLICATE" at the top.  Return both questionnaires to the Court.